Welcome to Juniorsfarm. There are many purposes for this site, but mainly to find like minded people who want to share thier experiences and help to devolope my ideas. Life is short this is not a trial run and I believe that each one of us has the duty to leave this world a little better than we found it.

All views will be tolerated and no judgments will be made here. Junior hopes to develop the ideas and hypotheses he has contemplated over the last couple of decades regarding life, faith, and the human condition.

Many topics will be discussed here. Among them will be Spirituality, Political debate, and Social reform. Junior hopes to start a few forums where ideas can be debated in an open, honest, and respectful platform. Junior’s goal is to become fully engaged in life, to bring people together and help them to realize that together we can change the world.

Junior is hoping that everyone will find a topic to weigh in on and be able not only to give but to take away a little something that may help us all in this journey we call life.

Welcome to Juniorsfarm a place where everyone will hopefully leave a little happier and with a little more understanding than when they arrived. Thank you for stopping by.